Pests Control in Johannesburg

Pests ControlPests control can very quickly become a major problem within a business or household. The issue with them is the fact that they are un-noticeable until they have become a fully productive infested colony. By that time, they would already have caused severe damage and are hard to get under control or to fully eliminate the infestation. One other fact is that these pests carry deadly diseases; even the smallest of them can cause serious illness to both humans and animals. There are many ways a person can go about preventing these pests from becoming a threat that is at little or no cost. One of the best and most effective ways is by having a pest control service.

Pests control methods did not appear overnight, as they come from the ancient of times and even then the necessity was understood. With population growth worldwide, more pests have infested our cities. To keep these pests in control and to have the infested eliminated, special chemicals are used. There are many different ways to go about handling an infested home or building. The type of pest first needs to be acknowledged and from there a professional will be able to seek out the infested areas. Once the areas have been recognized special steps will be taken to install an effective plan towards eliminating the pests and keeping them from returning.

There are two groups of chemical pesticides that professionals use. Each group has a different effect on different pests. The first group contains the broad spectrum chemicals which will eliminate a wide variation of pests, whilst the second group only a small portion of pest species. Many of these pesticides are not only harmful to the intended pests, but also to our much needed and loved animals.

Special guidance and pre cautions are now set in place by pesticide manufacturers to the users on how and where to use the chemical. Most chemicals are being changed into “green” products that will be friendly to the environment and its people, with the same effects towards pests, but harmless to us and our animals. Contact Pests Control for a quote today


Pests Control

Carpet Beetles
Immature Cockroaches
Flea Immatures
Fly Maggots
Lice Litter Beetle & Larvae
Mosquito Larvae
Multiple Insects
Skin and Hide Beetles
Skin and Hide Beetle Larvae
Stable Flies
Subterranean Termites
Tsetse Flies
Vinegar Flies (Drosophila spp.)
House Mouse
Roof Rat
Norway RatAmerican Bollworm
Aphids on Roses
Conifer Aphids
Australian Bugs
Australian Mealybugs
Black & Yellow Banded (Lily) Borer
Black Maize Beetle
Brown Patch
Burrowing Lawn Caterpillar
Codling Moth
Dollar Spot
Fairy Ring
Fruit Flies
Fusarium Blight
Harvester Termites
Lawn Caterpillars
Mole Cricket
Rove Beetles
White Fly
White Grubs
Angoumois Grain Moth
Bean Weevil
Confused Flour Beetles
Dried Fruit Moth
Flat Grain Beetle
Flour Beetles
Flour Moths
Grain Beetles
Grain Weevil
Indian Meal Moth
Lesser Grain Borer
Maize Weevil
Mediterranean Meal Moth
Pea Weevil
Rice Weevil
Rust-Red Flour Beetle
Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle
Spider Beetles (Ptinidae)
Stored Product Pests
Tobacco Beetle
Tobacco Moth
Tropical Warehouse Moth